Orphanages in China

One reason why I have always wanted to go to China was to see a bit what the adoption process is like here (ever since my mission to Taiwan, I have had a desire to adopt a Chinese girl). There are several orphanages nearby that I have been able to visit and recently had the opportunity to go to some orphanages to take some photos. The photos I took are used for doctors to examine problems, and also for the Swallow's Nest website.

The orphanages I have been going to are a part of The Swallow's Nest (visit the website here). The website provides information for prospective adopters; also, if one is interested, you can help sponsor a child. The Swallow's Nest was started by a wonderful lady named Pam.

Most of the children in these orphanages end up there because they are abandoned at hospitals or other places, usually because of physical defects. At the Swallow's nest, care is provided for the children and the orphanage arranges what it can to provide medical attention for the children.

You can see in the above picture problems with the hands and feet. Many of the children in this orphanage are here for that or a very similar reason.

Yeah... Chinese kids are basically adorable.

Many of the children have internal problems like this girl.

On the way to another orphanage I saw this man I decided to take a picture since I already had my camera ready. He is not a kid, but I am sure he once was. 

Many of the children, like this girl, are in the orphanage because they have spina bifida.

On the way home I took a few more pictures just so you can see what an average street is like here. Good times.


  1. Those poor kids! They are all so adorable. If the adoption process were easier and less expensive, every single one of those kids would have an American home

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  3. McKay, what a great post and beautiful pictures! The more I read your blog, the more my opinion of you rises.

    Last week, my uncle told me about an opportunity to volunteer in an orphanage in Xi'an, China. I am excited to look into it more for 2013, as the rest of this year I will be in Hawaii and South Africa. It's so fun to be travelling again... never knowing what or who is around the corner.

    Hope you are well, and the bad tasting Chinese medicine is working it's ch'i magic!

  4. Thanks! The orphanages here are great to visit. Went again today. I think the last place I saw so many crying babies was at church. They sure are cute though!

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  6. McKay, Appreciate you visiting us and taking such great photos of the kids. Please keep in touch and send me photos any time. One thing I would like to correct...is that our website is NOT for prospective adopting parents to "shop for kids". This is against the rules of CCCWA (china's government arm of the adoption agency). Our website is for promoting awareness for what we do in Henan province and to create revenue for our babies in order to buy milk, diapers, medicine and everything it takes to care for them. This is why we are NOT allowed to use names and dates of birth on our website.

    Good news, we just discovered two of our babies in southern china, sister foster homes are going abroad. One to Canada and one to Spain. Blessings, pam in henan

  7. Pam, thanks for the clarification! The orphanage is a wonderful place and is definitely doing great things! I have been very impressed every time I have visited the kids. The children are wonderful and the volunteers that work there are fantastic!

    Any time you would like some photos of the kids, I would love to come again and help out.